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Whether you're dealing with an athletic injury or simply need to unwind, Serenity SPMM is at your service.
Our in-home massage service offers a variety of specialty massages in Chicago, IL designed to release muscle tension, reduce stress, and help you feel your best. From Deep Tissue Massage to custom Sports Massage we offer a wide range of options for all body types.

Hot Stone Specialty Massages Chicago, IL

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Ideal for athletes and chronic pain patients, this method penetrates deep into your muscles to hit trigger points and loosen up taut bands of fascia or "knots." With our deep tissue massage, you can say goodbye to sports injuries and long-standing pain.


With this method, we use fingertip pressure up and down the prime meridians of the body to manipulate organs and resolve discomfort. Reflexology is particularly beneficial for people with stomach issues, headaches, or other issues.

Hot Stone Massage

Using soothing, heated stones, we ease sore muscles and melt away tight bands of fascia. This massage is excellent for folks who struggle with chronic muscle tightness and is generally recommended once every two weeks or so.

Body Scrubs

Our invigorating scrubs increase circulation and induce a sense of calm and well-being. Your massage therapist will stroke towards the heart, creating lymphatic drainage over the course of your 30-minute scrub session, after which you'll be instructed to rinse off. Once this is complete, we massage you with oils to re-moisturize the skin. We ask that all clients scheduling this service have access to a shower in their homes.

Prenatal Massage

This ultra-relaxing massage is designed to help mothers-to-be destress. Using gentle, soothing strokes, your highly skilled massage therapist eases aches, pains, and anxiety that often develop throughout pregnancy.

Pricing Details:

  • 60 Minutes – $120
  • 90 Minutes – $160
  • 120 Minutes – $180

Spa Party Package

Take time to ease your tension and relax while spending time with family and friends. Make it a spa party!

Pricing Details:

  • 60 Minutes Per Person – Up to 10 people at $80 a person

Spa Party Chair Package

Don't worry, in a hurry? We have out in the open and fully clothed chair massages! For your spa party needs!

Pricing Details:

  • 60 Minutes – $120