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In-Home Massage Therapist | Chicago, IL

Muscle-Soothing Massage

Count on Serenity SPMM for the ultimate relaxation every time. Our standard Swedish massage is aimed at gently easing aches and pains while helping put your mind at ease. With our innovative mobile service, you can enjoy any of the specialty massage sessions with our in-home massage therapists in Chicago, IL.

In-Home Massage Therapist Chicago, IL

Swedish Massage

Using a combination of light and moderate pressure, your massage therapist gently helps you unwind. Lighter strokes remain on the surface, while more moderate pressure penetrates the skin's sublayers to release muscle tension, while still avoiding underlying bone structure. Available in 60-, 90-, or 120-minute sessions, our Swedish massage service is customized to your body and schedule. Due to its gentle nature, this method is ideal for older clients and people with illnesses like cancer or fibromyalgia.

*Pricing Details:

  • 60 Minutes – $120
  • 90 Minutes – $160
  • 120 Minutes – $180

* We accept cash or credit, though there is a $5.00 fee for credit card payments.

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In-Home Massage Therapist in Chicago, IL

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience without leaving home with the services from Serenity Simple Pleasure Mobile Massage. Our in-home massage therapist in Chicago, IL, offers Swedish massage treatments to help you unwind from any lingering pain or discomfort in your life. Whether you are dealing with sore muscles, or you are looking for relief from chronic conditions, our therapist takes the time to take care of you. Schedule an appointment today for stress relief in the comfort of your own space.

Massages at Home

You feel most comfortable at home. Instead of sitting in traffic and dealing with extra stress during your special “me time,” let us come to you. Our in-home massage therapist is happy to help you soothe sore muscles and other sources of pain during a visit to your residence.

Help Your Athletic Injury Pain with Massage

Running, biking, dancing, and other physical activities add joy to our lives. Unfortunately, going through an athletic injury often means a long and painful road to recovery. While a specialty massage is not enough to heal the injury, it can provide you with relief from pain so that you can recover in peace.

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