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A Massage Therapist in Chicago, IL, to Ease Your Stresses

Serenity Simple Pleasure Mobile Massage provides the ultimate relaxation every time with a traditional or specialty massage that eases aches and pains while also relieving the stresses of everyday life. Our mobile service comes to you when you need the services of a massage therapist in Chicago, IL.

In-Home Massage Therapist Chicago, IL

Relax with a Swedish Massage

By applying light and moderate pressure, your cares are lifted away through a Swedish massage from our trained massage therapist. Light surface strokes, combined with slightly more intense ones, release muscle tension while avoiding the bone structure. This relaxing massage is tailored to your body and your schedule. This therapy is ideal for older clients and those with illnesses such as cancer or fibromyalgia because of its gentle pressures.

*Pricing Details:

  • 60 Minutes – $120
  • 90 Minutes – $160
  • 120 Minutes – $240

* We accept cash or credit, though there is a $5.00 fee for credit card payments.

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The Ultimate Setting for Relaxation

Where are you more relaxed than at home? It provides the ultimate relaxation setting, and that’s why we offer mobile services at Serenity SPMM. Our in-home massage therapist provides treatments to help you find relief from muscle pain or ease a chronic condition.

Coping with a Busy Lifestyle

If you’re active and the nagging little injuries of running, biking, dancing, or other adventures start to build up, then a specialty massage will help. An appointment with our therapist will help you heal and while easing the pain.